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Unlocking the Power of AI Driven Video Analytics for Business

About This Webinar

The video data is growing exponentially because of widespread use of CCTVs . The demand for both intelligent monitoring and real-time video data is increasing. With JARVIS, usage of existing CCTVs is extending beyond just monitoring to revenue generation monitoring . Be a part of this exclusive webinar which is happening in partnership with Intel and learn how AI powered JARVIS is automating retail and manufacturing industries in navigating the exciting opportunity of video analytics for Intelligent decision making.

Gain an understanding of JARVIS video analytics for and how JARVIS is leveraging existing CCTV infrastructure to gain actionable insights in real-time and gain profits..


Mr. Atul Rai

CEO & Co-founder, Staqu


Mr. Mohit Malik

CTO, Chaayos


Mr. Yudhvir Singh Rana

Business Leader - IoT(Edge AI & Vision) - Intel Corporation


Mr. Chirag Boonlia

CTO, Embassy Group

Key Topics for Discussion
point Use cases for retail and manufacturing industries.
point Video analytics solutions in solving business, operations, and security challenges.
point Optimizing retail operations using e-commerce like insights.
point Video analytics in streamlining loss prevention and security
point Enhanced ROI and better decision making using actionable insights.


Thursday, Feb 17th

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Indian Standard Time (IST)
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