Revolutionising Safety, Security and Operations using Video analytics and AI



About This Webinar
Bringing Bright Minds together to showcase how to leverage Video Analytics !!

We are bringing the much-needed reformation in the paradigms of security, assisting stakeholders in quick decision making and proactive generation of responses. Streamline the flow of information from utilising AI for digital and centralised records to custom video analytics for security, safety and compliances. We are providing businesses with refined and enhanced platforms for large scale analytics and data processing across all domains, amalgamating textual and image data to create heterogeneous neural network models we are everywhere!

Learn how JARVIS, powered by advance Artificial intelligence (AI ) technology automate the audio-video analysis for identifying various activities using audio-video data like violence detection, criminal/blacklisted person tracing, intrusion detection, speaker recognition (with voice sample), audio based scene recognition like gun shot, screaming etc. when and where it’s needed.

Hear how JARVIS solutions deliver efficient and scalable solutions for the most challenging problems in different industries.


Sandeep J Alur

Director – Microsoft Technology Center


Jitendra Singh

Group CIO - JK Cement


Atul Rai

CEO- Staqu

Why You Should Join
Learn how Staqu is helping businesses get faster ROI from Video Analytics.
Hear about JARVIS solutions for specific use cases like Video wall with real time alerts, ANPR, planogram and many more in industries such as manufacturing, public sector, retail & FMCG, defence, life sciences etc.
Learn how Staqu is making it easier to deploy and implement AI on-premises and in the hybrid cloud.


Thursday, Aug 5th

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Indian Standard Time (IST)
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