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AI Powered Recommendation Engine

Recommendation in current world has become synonymous to spamming. From the user’s SMS inbox to web pages to various video players, we see the recommendations which don’t have any relevance to the tastes of users. This inefficient and context less recommendation, not only worsen the user’s experience but also damages the ecosystem in terms of its spends. Furthermore, the platform owners currently do not have any control over the ads that are getting displayed. Staqu’s Recommendation Engine is first of its own kind contextual recommendation engine which provides in-platform and cross platform recommendation capability along with giving complete control to the platform owners. Staqu’s recommendation engine is built on proprietary content adapter technology based on advanced light weighted deep neural network which do not send any user’s information to remote server and process data locally.


Direct Recommendation

Staqu's native applications, Tap n Buy and Fashin, help OEMs understand their users' behaviour towards e-commerce on a native level. Category, product, brand, vendor affinities and many other niche parameters are used to recommend users their next viable product for purchase.

Indirect Recommendation

Staqu's Indirect Recommendation SDK is a native SDK that is live directly on the device itself which fetches content pertaining to the users' content consumption pattern all in real time without sending any privacy alluding data to servers. This engine, not only helps brands to better cater to their customers but also helps customers consume the right content through very targted platforms.

Recommendation API

Staqu's VGrep Suite of APIs consists of deep learning powered APIs that can be used by a variety of firms to improve the experience that they are providing to their end users.

Buy the Look

Confused about what earrings should be paired with that “Sari”! Our AI powered engine processes thousands of looks to understand and learn how to pair accessories and apparel with each other to provide customers the best holistic shopping experience they could want.

Similar Products

Tired of using the traditional “Users also viewed this!” widget? Try the intuitive and visual data based recommendation engine developed by our researchers which sorts products based on popularity and visual similarity providing a much more human touch to your shopping experience.

Meta Tags

Generating meta tags for products is a cumbersome task that has been made easy by our advanced deep learning and natural language processing based algorithms. Our engine automatically extracts attributes such as patterns, colours and shapes, to create rich product catalogues.

Visual Search

We utilize state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to provide extremely accurate reverse image search solutions. Our engine extracts various parameters like content, color, shape and texture and fuses them together to provide an accurate visual search solutions for cross-domain applications.

Consumer facing products


Artificial intelligence powered fashion discovery solution consists of visual search, automated meta tags based filters, fashion extraction from videos, amazing deals and discounts and real time price comparison. know more


Vistoso is powered by Staqu's AI engine and makes use of years of research to bring artistic abilities to users' fingertips. know more

  Infinity Launcher

Staqu's Infinity platform is the one stop platform for users to consume content from. It amalgamates users' cross-category behavior and takes it into account for better recommendations. know more

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