websights AI-Enabled Video Analytics For Smart City Analytics

AI-Enabled Video Analytics For Smart City Analytics

Insights-driven video analytics solution for smart cities to increase resident satisfaction, improve municipal services, and enhance public safety.

Key Features Of Our Video Analytics For Smart City Analytics

Traffic Congestion Detection

Replicate the human visual system for traffic management by ascertaining, foreseeing, & alleviating traffic congestion using CCTVs. Improve the level of service (LOS) of the transportation network to reduce direct and indirect costs to society.

Accident Detection

Real-time AI-based reporting mechanisms & traffic monitoring can result in saving lots of lives with a hustle-free insurance claim settlement by understanding the facts of the event.

Person of Interest Tracking

Identify persons of interest in real-time in widespread sectors, from smart cities to retail.


Violence Detection

Detects different physical fights by sharing alerts for behavioral analytics and postures like hand movement, touching, kicking.

Over-Crowding Detection

Spot any abnormal event and suspicious behavior of the crowd using existing CCTV cameras.


Abandoned Baggage Detection

Get notified of the potentially dangerous unattended suitcase/baggage on the premises.

Why use JARVIS video analytics for smart city analytics

Benefit from a sustainable solution

Our camera-neutral plug-and-play functionality makes it the simplest to integrate our video analytics system into a smart city architecture. In addition to choosing a sustainable approach, our smart city analytics operate on existing cameras without raising CAPEX.

Optimize infrastructure & identify inefficiencies

Planners can evaluate pedestrian and vehicle traffic, react quickly and effectively to changing circumstances, efficiently investigate events, increase public safety measures, and streamline operations with the help of our video analytics solution.

Use AI to Improve Transparency

Get user access in different formats to gain control over the transparent flow of data within the organization. Utilize our solution to analyze whether the end-user effectively navigates through JARVIS to maintain SOPs and streamline other processes.

Leverage cross-functional resources

Since sharing data across different stakeholders within local departments is difficult, information is frequently siloed. Video content analytics technology transforms video into a cross-functional resource that can be shared across enterprises and local governments for a variety of use cases, broadening the applications of video surveillance beyond security.

Predictive analytics for better planning

We analyze patterns and employ predictive analytics to equip you with a powerful tool to predict and adapt to peak demand. With the help of JARVIS, manage risks, improve smart city efficiency and maximize profit.

Reduce human error

Employ JARVIS to reduce manual labor costs as well as minimize human error while analyzing video content. Leverage artificial intelligence-backed analytics to get accurate and definite results.

Impact of Video Analytics for Smart City

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