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What is JARVIS?

JARVIS is an audio and video analytics software as well as an audio-video management technology platform that has changed the way people think about security cameras. JARVIS helps transform long CCTV video footage into meaningful information. The Video Analytics Software enables us to provide short and crisp real-time alerts that are actionable.

Fueled with Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, deep learning, patented technologies, and unique capabilities, JARVIS offers innovation for growth and security, making Staqu Technologies the best Intelligent video technology solution company. 

Why choose JARVIS Video Analytics Software

Utilize video feed as actionable insights

JARVIS is a proprietary video analytics solution that helps organizations from various industries realize the true potential of their video data and utilize the data points in creating actionable strategies to ensure increased revenue, loss prevention, and accelerated operational efficiency.

Increase efficiency with a robust VMS

JARVIS VMS Software is a video wall that displays real-time notifications. The VMS functionality allows organizations to monitor and act upon a large number of CCTV feeds at the same time. This VMS integration can be deployed on a single JARVIS server, and each of the connected VMS integrations can have separate cameras activated.

Easily integrate with any VMS

To run JARVIS, you only need an IP camera and reliable internet access. It may be integrated with any VMS and deployed on the cloud or at the edge which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Save deployment time and costs

With the Streaming Agent tool, our latest innovation, organizations don’t require a static IP at all locations for deployment. This in turn helps accelerate the deployment cycle and reduces network infrastructure costs.

Leverage 100+ Analytics data points

JARVIS Video analytics software provides accurate, flexible, and comprehensive data insights for over 50 use cases. Derive valuable insights from 100+ analytics to accelerate situational awareness and improve operational intelligence.

Rely on incomparable Accuracy

JARVIS is undoubtedly one of the world’s best video analytics software. Its results are reliable and accurate. For instance, the Facial Recognition System comes with more than 99.7% accuracy in LFW Dataset, Youtube Faces, as well as Indian and international facial databases.

Our Video Management Solution Offerings

With JARVIS VMS, get real-time centralized viewing, automate operational processes, and error-free transparency.

Live Video Wall

Cloud-based DVR

Web-based VMS Dashboard (Accessible From Anywhere)

Integration With Any Video Streaming Device

CCTV Agnostic

Mobile-based Streaming App

Mobile-based VMS app

Cloud-based and On-premise Supported VMS Deployment

End-to-end Encryption

Ticket Management System

Integration with 100+ Analytics Modules of JARVIS

Camera health alerts

Our Video Analytics Offerings

Our video analytics solution JARVIS, is a one stop solution with its plug and play feature and more.

100+ Analytics for Safety, Security & Operation Modules

Audio Based Analytics for CCTV Camera (Person and Scene Recognition)

Real-time Actionable Alerting

NIST Certified Facial Recognition

Offline Audit Reporting

On-demand Feature Selection & Enablement

Third Party Analytics API Integration

Real-time Object, Person & Vehicle Search

Industry-Specific Analytics

Resolutions Independent Analytics

Forensic Analysis

Audio Based Search

Turning Existing CCTVs Smarter!

Industries leveraging JARVIS Video Analytics Software



Explore JARVIS Retail Analytics Software to enable seamless integration of video analytics for retail stores into your existing infrastructure. Know about your retail store’s unique visitor count, demography analytics, and more and elevate your brick-and-mortar with video analytics software.   

Video Analytics for Retail

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Unify your operational processes by integrating Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing, resulting in smart, cost-effective functioning of your manufacturing plants. Get easier centralized access to your manufacturing plants and decrease the risks of theft and pilferage. Automate operational processes by leveraging ANPR route history, get real-time alerts on the detection of fire, and several other insights.

Video Analytics for Manufacturing

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Enhance infrastructure goals by analyzing perimeter security with more than 99.9% accuracy while also reducing CAPEX with our video analytics solution. Use infrastructure intelligence to quantify unique visitors and enhance your business goals. Analyze and automate operational efficiency with the various features of JARVIS.

Video Analytics for Infrastructure

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Our state-of-the-art video analytics technology provides real-time insights and actionable data to help you optimize your business’s performance. Use video analytics in hospitality industry on your existing infrastructure and develop better business goals with minimal CAPEX.

Video Analytics for Hospitality

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Public Sector

We help the public sector, including government agencies such as the Army, Police, Prisons, and more, to create a transparent, data-centric culture using our video analytics solution. Integrating artificial intelligence in public sector enables agencies to provide quick and efficient service.

Video Analytics for Public Sector

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Smart Cities

Insights-driven video analytics solution for smart cities to increase resident satisfaction, improve municipal services, and enhance public safety. Reduce false alarms to almost nil (unlike sensors) and the requirement for human oversight or video verification using JARVIS video analytics for smart cities.

Video Analytics for Smart City

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Yes, JARVIS is camera agnostic, meaning it can be integrated with any make and model camera.

The average bandwidth is 1 Mbps per camera.

You have two types of video footage in the JARVIS dashboard. By selecting the type of camera, you can check the live video. You can also choose the DVR recording and check the hourly video footage which has backed up data from 30 days. 

You can have city, area, and region-wise access controls. You can create user access yourself. At the same time, even reports will be available according to role-based dashboards.

Yes, alerts can be sent in the website dashboard, mobile app, and over WhatsApp and email as well.

Yes, static IP is required but you can utilize our in-house technology to transfer data to our cloud storage. 

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