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Retail Analytics Software

Explore JARVIS Retail Analytics Software to enable seamless integration of video analytics for retail stores into your existing infrastructure.

Key Features Of Our Retail Analytics Software

Unique Visitor Count

Gain qualitative insights such as the number of visitors on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis and get new sales opportunities. Figure out the best days to drive traffic through targeted marketing efforts.

Demographic Analytics
Develop an understanding of the gender & age of your audience using statistical analysis that will help in shaping marketing strategies. Identify which regions, days, and months of the year see the highest growth based on the gender & age of your customers.
Occupancy Visualization

Detect the warmest place in real-time for store traffic and identify which spot of the premises is/isn’t going well with the visitors. Also, identify the occupancy of your retail store’s subsections to enhance staff productivity and customer experience.

Group Footfall Analytics
Group Footfall Analytics

Enhance store operations by tracking group movements and behaviour with existing CCTV cameras. Optimize staffing, inventory, and layout based on group footfall analytics to boost customer satisfaction and sales.

Queue Management
Get the estimated wait time for each person in a queue to optimize the total number of queues and to reshuffle the customers between queues for quicker billing. Minimize queue abandonment rate and avoid customer churn with our retail analytics solution, JARVIS, to see a rise in ROI.
Customer Journey Analytics
Analyze the complete customer journey through various touch points across all channels for better decision-making. Elevate your staff management techniques and plan according to the insights from JARVIS.

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Why use JARVIS as your Retail Analytics Software

Boost Conversion

Personalized shopping experiences drive engagement, increase sales, and ultimately, keep customers coming back. Our expertise in artificial intelligence and big data will help you analyze your customer journey - in real-time - and make decisions that lead to better conversion and lower costs.

Elevate Your Brick-and-mortar

Physical stores can now compete digitally with online through our retail analytics solution, JARVIS. You can streamline operational processes and enhance the customer experience with planned staff productivity. Drive targeted market efforts with trends and insights from JARVIS and gain an advantage over e-commerce.

Use AI to Improve Transparency

Get user access in different formats to gain control over the transparent flow of data within the organization. Retail stores with multiple locations can leverage the use of AI video analytics to filter any discrepancies in the operational or management process.

Utilize Your Data Effectively

We help you easily integrate actionable data into any business intelligence software to maximize the utilization of data for the right purpose. Our retail analytics solution helps you map future trends based on significant data from each and every store.

Prioritize Loss Prevention

The retail avenue is largely dependent on stock loss prevention. The entry point to determine loss prevention is through sales. With JARVIS, analyze your in-store activity, such as point of sale (POS), and compare it with your revenue to avoid any theft and pilferage.

Determine And Manage the Demand

Predictive analytics is an important aspect of retail analytics. We analyze patterns and employ predictive analytics to equip you with a powerful tool to predict and adapt to peak demand. With the help of JARVIS, manage risks, streamline operations, improve service delivery efficiency and maximize profits.

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