Go one step further than standard video surveillance to implement AI-powered video analytics to reshape existing CCTV infrastructure usage beyond security and loss prevention. JARVIS's video content analytics increase revenue and reduce costs of shopping malls, fashion stores, discount stores, convenience stores, specialty stores, department stores, food stores etc. and provides actionable insights for a better customer experience.

Use Cases

Footfall Analysis
JARVIS gives a precise footfall count to assist in anticipating resource needs and interpreting any potential health or safety hazards. Events are responded efficiently and decisions are made more quickly.
Demographic Analysis
Develop the understanding of gender and age of your audience using statistical analysis that will help in shaping up these linear and predictable trends and play with the marketing strategies on the bases of video content analytics.
Heatmap Analysis
Understand the functionality of your store by getting a color coding of the real time movement of the store traffic and identify which spot of the premises is/isn’t going well with the audience, and detect the warmest place in real time, thanks to corresponding hues and cues on screen.
Premium Customer Identification
The system identifies the presence of a human face in the scene, distinguishing it from some other article and holds the power of self-study on the new detected figures in a system acceptable style, so you can have your instant reward holder or else personalize the order.
Queue Management
Get the estimated wait time for each person in a queue using JARVIS which helps to calculate the delay in servicing for a particular queue. This helps to optimize the total number of queues and to reshuffle the customers between queues for quicker billing.
Customer Journey Tracking
Leverage the power of the real time motion movement, behavioral analysis, predictive analysis and hyper-customized insight, and improve the customer journey through touch points across all channels.

We have 20+ more Use Cases & Case Studies


  • Enrich customer experience through personalized outreach.
  • Get actionable insights of store performance & productivity tracking. Reduce downtime & waste by upto 45%.
  • Increase footfall to conversion ratio by upto 30% through targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Understand Customer Journey within each store to mitigate the blockers and enhance their experience.
  • Understand ROI of marketing campaigns through footfall, demography & occupancy analysis.

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Manufacturing industry

Today’s modern manufacturers understand that the value of analysing CCTV monitoring goes far beyond PPE compliance and crime deterrence.

Smart City

JARVIS delivers a spectrum of intelligent and integrated video solutions to fulfil complicated surveillance requirements and improve security and traffic management.


Video analytics a game-changing innovation in perimeter security and loss prevention for critical infrastructure. Video analytics replaces the need for operators to monitor several cameras.

Public Sector

The potential value of AI powered video analytics technology allows law enforcement to improve operations to help government agencies deter criminal attacks and reduce crime.

Customer Stories

client logo

The best part about JARVIS is that it is camera agnostic, and has plug-and-play solutions, real-time alerting, and a remarkable VMS (Video Management System).

customer image
Dr. Biswajit Rath, Head Analytics, CRM & Digital, Raymond Limited
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Team Staqu has an excellent ability to understand the business. Their proactiveness is what differentiates my experience with Staqu.

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Mr. Nikhil Bhushan, IT Leader | Retail/F&B | Capital Markets, Travel Food Services Pvt Ltd
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I am super happy with Staqu and I believe JARVIS video analytics solutions could work for 80-90% of industries.

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Mr Mohit Malik, CTO, Chaayos
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The policies of Staqu rest on the principles of fairness, reliability and safety, inclusiveness, privacy and security, accountability, and transparency.

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Mr. Soumyadeep Barman, co-founder, and chief product officer, Rebel Foods