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Infrastructure Intelligence

Enhance infrastructure goals by analyzing perimeter security with more than 99.9% accuracy while also reducing CAPEX with our video analytics solution.

Key Features For Infrastructure Intelligence

Perimeter Security

Pursuing 24*7 vigilant security is now made easy with JARVIS. Keep a check on perimeter security and get alerts for any foreign movement or other abnormal activity around the perimeter.

Smart Parking Management

Analyze real-time parking occupancy data to give required access to entrants and make the whole process seamless. Depend on efficient automated coordination through JARVIS rather than the traditional way of working with a team of overworked staff. 

Unique Visitor Analytics

Maximize revenue by re-targeting add-on services on the basis of the footfall received per floor. Differentiate each visitor uniquely from others with our advanced artificial intelligence technology.   


Abandoned Baggage Detection

Enhance perimeter security by identifying a piece of abandoned baggage or object and ensuring that your premise is in safe hands. Get alerted in real-time to act on the matter instantly.

Fire & Smoke Detection

Decrease the harm & boost fire control efforts by giving early sign notifications for something that could be disastrous. Integrate your fire extinguishing system with JARVIS to guarantee a safe and secure premise.


Hygiene Maintenance

Get human eye equivalent detection of hair net, hand washing, cleanliness, and dispenser usage to check hygiene compliance. Maintain the operating process seamlessly with JARVIS to further accelerate revenue by promoting a clean environment. 

Why use JARVIS for Infrastructure Intelligence

Modernize Perimeter Security

Traditional ways of analyzing perimeter security demand excess manpower, ultimately resulting in increased human error. With real-time alerts through video analytics, immediate action can be taken in case of the detection of any unruly event.

Automate Operations

Gather infrastructure intelligence from JARVIS and make your operational processes easier. Building system connectivity ensures a secure infrastructure, automates routine processes, and accelerates responses to problems.

Streamline Centralized Efficiency

With our Video Management Software, you obtain better visibility of all of your infrastructure around the world and know when and how to optimize efficiency. Gather intelligence to streamline SOPs and develop new business strategies to generate profitable revenue.

Replace Sensors For Better Accuracy

Get results with accuracy above 99% through our video analytics solution. Our unique tracking systems have been developed to provide evidence-based reports justifying that the solution is better than sensors.

Reduce Manual Security Costs

We will help you reduce CAPEX to up to 35% with our infrastructure intelligence solution. With real-time alerting, we automate your SOPs resulting in lesser time consumption and maximum functionality.

Impact of Infrastructure Intelligence

infrastructure intelligence

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