JARVIS identifies questionable behavior and promptly alerts the security officers to concentrate on the most critical tasks and monitor the areas with the greatest danger, allowing security experts to make better decisions. It replaces the need for operators to monitor several cameras and acts as a game-changing innovation in perimeter security and loss prevention for critical infrastructure. Real-time alerting makes decisions to be made more quickly, and avoids delayed response loss.

Use Cases

Perimeter Security
Get alerts on above the ground cross-boundary threat, suspicious activities along the perimeter, intrusion detection, and keeping a check on the foreign movement at the whole perimeter or the specific area of observation and also other abnormal activities near the property.
Smart Parking Management
The smart parking solution of JARVIS is transforming the whole parking industry by giving the needed access to the occupants with the real-time parking occupancy data making the whole process easy to control.
Footfall Analysis
JARVIS gives a precise footfall count to assist in anticipating resource needs and interpreting any potential health or safety hazards. Events are responded efficiently and decisions are made more quickly.
Abandoned Baggage Detection
JARVIS, the smart eye will notify on the potentially dangerous item left behind in the premises by detecting the appearance of an unattended foreign suitcase/baggage in the scene to its disappearance from the scene.
Fire & Smoke Detection
Fire detection alerts can essentially decrease harm and boost fire control efforts by giving the early sign of something that could be disastrous. It can also be integrated with the fire extinguishing system to guarantee their joint activity.
JARVIS is equivalent to human eye detection of hairnet, hand washing, cleanliness, dispenser usage to provide actionable insight and enormous ways to monitor various other hygiene compliance.

We have 20+ more Use Cases & Case Studies


  • Reduce Manual Security costs by upto 35% through centralized automation of SOPs and real-time alerting.
  • Reduce inefficiencies due to manual monitoring by upto 20%.
  • Streamline operations through parking management, occupancy analysis etc. Hence reduce operational cost by upto 30%.
  • Enhance asset protection and tracking by upto 20%.

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Go one step further than standard video surveillance to implement AI-powered video analytics to reshape existing CCTV infrastructure usage beyond security and loss prevention.

Manufacturing industry

Today’s modern manufacturers understand that the value of analysing CCTV monitoring goes far beyond PPE compliance and crime deterrence.

Smart City

JARVIS delivers a spectrum of intelligent and integrated video solutions to fulfil complicated surveillance requirements and improve security and traffic management.

Public Sector

The potential value of AI powered video analytics technology allows law enforcement to improve operations to help government agencies deter criminal attacks and reduce crime.

Customer Stories

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For transformation you look at either the cost part of it or efficiency part of it and thankfully all of this is possible with JARVIS.

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Mr. Chirag Boonlia, (CTO, Embassy Group)