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Insights to Staqu's Publications Shedding Light On Our Research Work

Our Publications

Frequency and Temporal Convolutional Attention for Text-Independent Speaker Recognition

Majority of the recent approaches for text…

S. Yadav and A. Rai, accepted for presentation at ICASSP 2020

Diversity in Fashion Recommendation Using Semantic Parsing

Developing recommendation system for fashion images is challenging due to the inherent…

S. Verma, S. Anand, C. Arora, and A. Rai, Proc. ICIP 2018, IEEE

Exploiting Texture Cues for Clothing Parsing in Fashion Images

Exploiting the texture for recognizing the clothing type…

T. Khurana, K. Mahajan, C. Arora, and A. Rai, Proc. ICIP 2018, IEEE

Learning Discriminative Features for Speaker Identification and Verification

The success of any Text Independent Speaker Identification and/or Verification system…

S. Yadav and A. Rai, in Interspeech

Pose Aware Fine-Grained Visual Classification Using Pose Experts

We observe an important and often ignored additional structure present in an FGVC…

K. Mahajan, T. Khurana, A. Chopra, I. Gupta, C. Arora, and A. Rai Proc. ICIP 2018, IEEE

Our Patents

Large Scale Image Retrieval based on Image and Sketch based Queries
System for Pose-Invariant Identification and Search of an Image Object in an Input image