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Video Analytics in Hospitality Industry

Our state-of-the-art video analytics technology provides real-time insights and actionable data to help you optimize your business's performance.

Key Features Of Video Analytics in Hospitality Industry

Demographic Analytics

Develop an understanding of the gender & age of your customers using statistical analysis that will help in shaping marketing strategies. Identify which regions, days, and months of the year see the highest growth based on the gender & age of your customers. 


video analytics in hospitality industry
Occupancy Visualization

Detect the warmest place in real-time for store traffic and identify which spot of the premises is/isn’t going well with the customers. Also, identify the occupancy of your business’s subsections to enhance staff productivity and customer experience. 


Hygiene Maintainence

Get human eye equivalent detection of hair net, hand washing, cleanliness, and dispenser usage to check hygiene compliance. Maintain the operating process seamlessly with JARVIS to further accelerate revenue by promoting a clean environment.


video analytics in hospitality industry
Fire & Smoke Detection

Decrease the harm & boost fire control efforts by giving early sign notifications for something that could be disastrous. Integrate your fire extinguishing system with JARVIS to guarantee a safe and secure premise. 

video analytics in hospitality industry
Food Serve Analytics

Analyze that the standards are maintained of the food being served in your hospitality business. Elevate your staff management techniques and plan according to the insights from JARVIS. 


Why use JARVIS for Video Analytics in Hospitality Industry

Identify Bottlenecks And Optimize Staff Deployment

Integrating a plug-and-play solution can help you figure out where your hospitality industry business is getting stuck at. Learn about your business’ bottlenecks and deploy your staff accordingly. Plan your staff management instantly with JARVIS video analytics solution.

Enhance Guest Experiences With Targeted Marketing And Personalized Service

Learn about the activities that gain the most attention of customers by identifying trends on JARVIS. Create marketing campaigns based on these trends derived from our video analytics solution for your hospitality industry business.

Monitor Guest Behavior And Satisfaction

Know how the customer experience is at your hospitality industry business with our video analytics solution. Ensure that the staff is leaving no stone unturned to enhance customer experience with real-time actionable insights.

Improve Security And Detect Potential Incidents

Reduce your OPEX with JARVIS by minimizing costs on human labor with AI powered video analytics. You can also benefit your business by enhancing your security system and avoiding any hazardous situations with instant alerts.

Gain Centralized Control

Centralized visibility directly enhances the performance of the staff, detecting abnormalities in the hospitality business. We can work with you to increase staff performance by up to 95%, managing your day-to-day operations while our video analytics solution eliminates human error.

Impact of Video Analytics in Hospitality Industry

video analytics in hospitality industry

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