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Core Competence

Over the years, Staqu has been at the forefront of the AI Technology industry with its plug-and-play, video, and audio data analytics tool JARVIS. JARVIS has unique interactive features that have helped organizations grow at an exponential rate. Our solution can be embedded in existing infrastructure and uses the existing CCTV camera and an internet connection to provide actionable data insights through CCTV video feed. It is a centralized video management software, alerting in real-time focusing on all audio-video streams.

Corporate Philosophy and Journey

Staqu was formed with the idea of bringing in a revolution with artificial intelligence. Co-founded by three technology enthusiasts, Staqu has been in business for the past 7 years. What started as a simple idea, is now a full-fledged AI-based solution, having worked with over 100 clients from various industries.

JARVIS was initially used for homeland security. Making a space of its own in this field by providing outstanding results, JARVIS gradually branched out to other sectors as well. JARVIS has been able to bring groundbreaking change in the AI domain with its unique features and accurate results. 

Our Vision & Mission

Staqu envisions a safer world while making CCTVs smarter through cutting-edge AI technology providing effective and actionable insights by reading video data.
To provide AI solutions that help those in decision-making and practice in automating operational and monitoring processes. To minimize human errors and maximize productivity standards. To make surveillance centrally accessible across different locations. To provide real-time alerts to act immediately.

Our Patents

We are proud to be a leading name in the Video Analytics Industry. Staqu has two patented technologies that have been used in developing JARVIS. Leading to seminal innovation, our patents have held high accord in the world of artificial intelligence. 

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