Connected technology for different Industries

JARVIS video analytics enables a wide range of businesses to display business intelligence from many locations into centralised dashboards, analyse cross-site surveillance video, and receive real-time alert messages from all locations.


JARVIS provides insights that increase customer experience, add value to the retailers and help stores stay competitive. Furthermore, video analytics technology's ability to handle vast amounts of data in real-time can assist merchants in improving customer retention in a variety of circumstances.
JARVIS provides advanced CCTV monitoring well beyond loss prevention and crime deterrence with footfall analysis, Demographic analysis, Heatmap analysis, Premium customer/Repeat visitor identification, Queue management, Customer Journey Tracking etc.


In the manufacturing industry JARVIS provides the best Video analytics solutions to improve operations, worker safety, security, and management efficiency, enables real-time automated alerts for ANPR, Perimeter security, fire safety, intrusion detection, safety gear compliance, facial recognition for access control, crowd management, and other analytics. It can automatically examine, discover events, and triggers alarms for any suspicious activity.


Advanced AI-powered video analytics solution provided by JARVIS ensures more efficient and proactive protection at crucial sites, real-time information for preemptive incident management and quicker dispatch, minimizes network and storage requirements while also lowering costs.
With new intelligent video analytics solution it enhances security and surveillance by automatically monitoring perimeter security, fire & smoke detection abandoned baggage alert etc. actionable insights for smart parking management, hygiene and footfall enhances optimization of critical infrastructure facilities.

Smart city

Make the cities smarter than ever, and manage valuable assets and areas from streets to parking lots using JARVIS. It drives operational efficiency and safety advantages across both private and public sectors with its video content analytics capabilities like Traffic Congestion Detection, Accident Detection, Person of Interest, Tracking Violence Detection, Over-Crowding Detection, Abandoned Baggage Detection or Stranded Body Detection, Handwave SOS Detection, monitoring these trends over time, and enabling proactive response with real-time alerting.

Public Sector

JARVIS's AI-driven video analytics is becoming an important aspect of public safety by allowing real-time event monitoring, which provides an advantage of fast response, intelligence to security organizations for crime prevention, and acts as a deterrent to avert any incident.
With its Smart Criminal Search and Registration module, it allows the users at Ground Zero to register or search for any suspect across 20+ parameters.