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Manufacturing Reinvented | The Power of Video Analytics Unleashed

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Key Features for AI in Manufacturing

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Identify vehicles’ number plates automatically to improve security and manage real-time traffic. Make use of insights from JARVIS and eliminate security breaches and access to any unauthorized vehicle. Identify trends with vehicle analytics and automate the operational efficiency of your manufacturing plant.

Fire Safety

Get real-time alerts on the detection of smoke and fire to avoid any life loss or post-event losses. With 100% accurate results, JARVIS enables making quick responsive strategies and understanding the variations and intensities of the event. 

Intrusion Detection

Get real-time alerts for any intrusion along with footage of the incident allowing rapid verification of the source and take action. Integrating video and audio analytics, easily recognize if a detected intrusion is violent in nature. 

Smart Conveying

Automate constant monitoring of conveyor belts to streamline productivity analysis and enhance operational efficiency. From detecting whether pallets are filled or empty, to counting the pallets, to differentiating the colors of the pallets, our smart conveying feature has a dynamic use. 

Safety Gear Detection

Reduce manual auditing costs as well as ensure safety & security at a manufacturing facility with real-time alerts. Ensure that the staff at your plant is abiding by the SOPs and avoiding any accidents.


Facial Recognition for Access Control

Enhance security by detecting and sending real-time alerts of unauthorized personnel access to restricted areas.