websights JARVIS Video Analytics Solution Transforms The Retail Industry

5 Ways JARVIS as a Video Analytics Solution is Transforming the Retail Industry

video analytics solution

The demand for JARVIS by major retailers is ever-increasing for various reasons. Let’s explore how, leveraging AI-driven video analytics, Staqu is changing the retail industry.

As a customer walks into a retail store, their journey throughout the store is subjective to how they feel in that store. But have you ever wondered how is that feeling measured by the authorities on the top of the ladder? The possibility of getting tunneled information from one store out of a range of stores may seem ambitious, but retail business managers are adopting unique solutions to combat these challenges. Learning about the details of your retail store will always keep your retail business ahead of the game. To achieve this, the retail industry is constantly on the move to rely on artificial intelligence. Today, more than 85% of businesses now use video analytics data¹. Getting faster and automated insights into your business through video analytics is the best solution.

Video analytics has moved beyond the traditional use of counting people and providing minimal insights. The video analytics solution from Staqu includes a number of applications that give a retailer comprehensive knowledge about their retail business.

Let us delve deeper into how JARVIS has transformed the retail industry.

Sustainable plug-and-play offering

Investing in additional hardware, more so replacing your existing hardware to use a video analytics solution, will take a heavy toll on your pockets in your initial onboarding process itself. JARVIS was developed as a plug-and-play model keeping in mind that it can be integrated with existing hardware. With the goal of making dumb CCTVs smarter, its unique SaaS offering plays a major role in its popularity. As a result, JARVIS becomes a significant tool for retailers to reduce CapEx over the long term, all while offering the best video analytics solution with precise accuracy.

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Unique SaaS offering

JARVIS offers a unique and niche video analytics solution, re-inventing how video feeds are looked at in the retail industry. To interpret this kind of data in the past, large businesses frequently used internal analysts or other specialists. However, with the development of technology, both large-scale retailers and traditional brick-and-mortar stores are looking for automated solutions to ease their workload. Retailers usually look for one or more software to obtain the data. JARVIS makes it easy for retailers in the industry by culminating all their operational and managerial means in one personalized dashboard. As a SaaS product, with one of its key benefits being the ability to lower business OpEx, JARVIS also makes itself cost-effective for retailers.

Video analytics solution

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Credible patented AI technology solutions 

The major population of the world is still clueless about the implications of artificial intelligence. But, the ones in the field with knowledge of the technology behind artificial intelligence know that AI solutions that are demonstrably fair are the ones retail business owners can rely on. JARVIS was created with patented AI technology that safeguards the AI solutions it provides. Retailers relying on the impeccable solutions provided by JARVIS have seen it first hand. The trustworthiness of retail businesses on JARVIS can be measured by the level of accuracy it provides, in some cases more than 99%.

Challenge-based innovations

JARVIS users depend on the product for reasons other than the fact that it is a video analytics solution. Its unique distributed architecture, the streaming agent, is helping retailers save exponent numbers. The streaming agent is a software application designed to gain access to a business’s private domain. The DVR recordings are essentially pushed to the server while it runs in the background. Then, without needing to purchase a static IP, which is quite expensive, it delivers live feeds directly to JARVIS. The live videos can be accessed from the streaming agent on which AI-powered video analytics are run. The use of the streaming agent by retailers is helping them gain centralized insights into their stores using the video analytics solution JARVIS, while also saving costs.

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Benchmark Results

The continued reliance on JARVIS by major retailers from apparel, hospitality, electronics, health, and various other sectors, has time and again proven JARVIS’s efficiency. Retailers can use JARVIS as a business intelligence tool to drive marketing initiatives, enhance operational efficiency, SOP compliance, and eventually work toward revenue generation. The retention rate of JARVIS is only increasing, simply owing to the accurate results that it continues to present, which is why retailers sought JARVIS repeatedly.

Final Thoughts

Chain stores, shopping centers, and other businesses in the retail sector can improve security and operational performance by incorporating video analytics solutions like JARVIS. The development of video analytics is not solely driven by technological conception. JARVIS has established a solid foundation with exceptional expertise in software architecture, computer vision, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. As a result, retail businesses have continued to rely on JARVIS for its innovative work in the retail industry.