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Free and Fair Electoral: How JARVIS Automated The Bihar Elections Yet Again

Bihar elections and JARVIS

Bringing fast and swift transparency to the vote counting system leveraging video analytics.

The Indian democracy is one of the largest democracies in the world. The diversity in India does not limit to being a part of the democratic process. The more the diversification, the more the challenges. Similarly, organizing elections in a country of over 1.4 billion people is a tremendous undertaking, especially when their occurrence is repetitive.

Since it is the first of its kind, the digitization of the Indian election process utilizing artificial intelligence is quite a public sector breakthrough. Taking the step to implement advanced technology to avoid manipulation and discrepancy in the vote-counting system is a task in itself. Additionally, coordinating and transferring knowledge in rural India requires simplification of advanced technology. One major reason why the application of JARVIS video analytics was a major success in the 2022 Bihar ULB Elections, with 100% accuracy, is its ease of use factor.

Bihar Elections and JARVIS video analytics

Why JARVIS for artificial intelligence?

One of the many challenges that the Election Committee faces today is vote counting manipulation signifying a nontransparent process. Staqu tackled a huge number of petitions, up to 80,000, filed against the continuous irregularities of the election process. The primary reason for these petitions was the way EVMs were used. After JARVIS’ application in the first Bihar Panchayat Elections, there was a drastic fall in the number of petitions to only 400. The gap was a huge one covered by the entire team of Staqu.

Owing to the success of the Bihar Elections in 2021, the 2022 Bihar ULB Elections also automated their vote-counting process using the optical character recognition technology built on the JARVIS platform. The manual counting process was entirely digitized in 60 municipalities, which saw the fastest counting process ever. Candidates from the Madhepura municipality exclaimed, saying that their polling station finished the counting process in just half an hour, previously which would start in the morning and go on till late at night.

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Bihar Elections & Video Analytics

The manual recording and tabulating of votes increased the chances of manipulation. To minimize these discrepancies, JARVIS posed as an intuitive video analytics solution. We provided complete transparency with data-based evidence such as automated OCR-filled forms linked with video feed recording of the EVM result. The only requirement was uninterrupted internet and properly placed EVMs in front of the cameras.

Impact of JARVIS video analytics

Working at the grass root level, defying all odds, Staqu successfully automated the two phases of the Bihar Elections. The real-time and intelligent monitoring of vote counting also decreases the risks for the circulation of hate speech since it is entirely automated through artificial intelligence technology, eliminating any human intervention. This election process saw a significant impact on video analytics’ ability to assign votes to the correct candidate, save backup footage for later use, and enable election telecasting, making it exceedingly accurate and unbiased.

Staqu has reached the grassroots level to ensure that video analytics has a dynamic use unifying rural India in an uncomplicated manner.

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