websights The Game-Changing Retail Tech at Smart Retail Tech Expo UK

The Game-Changing Retail Tech at Smart Retail Tech Expo UK: JARVIS

video analytics solution in smart retail tech expo

The New Retail age has made its space and is inspiring retailers to try varied ways of enhancing the customer experience while enhancing revenue channels for their business. With that, the Smart Retail Tech Expo UK saw a number of retailers as well as service providers who introduced high-tech innovations in the retail space.

What is Smart Retail Tech Expo?

The Smart Retail Tech Expo is one of the world’s largest retail expos. It houses around 3000 physical and online retailers who already have or seek to embrace digital innovation. The two-day event included industry leaders and keynote speakers from Google, Amazon, TikTok, Snapchat, and many more reputed companies. Digital innovation in the retail sector is still unexplored, and the event saw exciting innovation from within the space. With discussions on the future of retail, the AI-powered JARVIS audio-video analytics platform touched on every point of deriving insights, implementing use cases, revenue generation, and loss prevention. 

Highlights of Smart Retail Tech Expo

The major highlight of the event was to bring digital innovation to the UK retail sphere. Dominating that sphere were video analytics companies in the UK. After more than 200 successful deployments in India, Staqu Technologies presented its flagship video analytics product, JARVIS, in the UK market. 

After two days of spirited retail rendezvous, JARVIS successfully established its significance in the UK retail market. Enhance business goals and get insights with AI-powered plug-and-play JARVIS audio-video analytics that works on existing CCTV infrastructure.

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The retail-centered use cases of revenue growth and loss prevention analytics were critically acclaimed among multiple domains in the powerpack environment that the Smart Retail Tech Expo created. We highlighted the need for good insight-driven analytics in the retail sector. Retailers in the UK particularly showed keen interest in the power of analyzing accurate, unique visitor counts and predictive analytics and changing quantitative data to qualitative insights. 

Final Thoughts

Enhancing the power of digital innovation, JARVIS makes it easier to track the performances of your retail stores. If you are interested in utilizing the power of video analytics, you can check out the features JARVIS, powered by Staqu, has to offer. Book a free demo to know more!