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Top Use Cases of Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) Technology of AI-Powered Video Analytics

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) identifies a vehicle’s number plates using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and shows a real-time alert for a vehicle coming in and out. ANPR improves security, protection of the public, crime prevention, and real-time traffic & parking management. ANPR reliably collects and identifies any number plate using video footage from cameras without the need for human intervention. It has a wide range of applications, i.e. for security teams, law enforcement, parking management at real estate, and many more. ANPR also supports Smart Parking applications by analyzing and collecting data and providing real-time insights with accuracy as high as 98 percent. It is one of the advanced use cases of AI-Powered Video Analytics. The majority of ANPR’s advantages are related to automating parking management, governance, and automating vehicular manual monitoring tasks.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

AI-powered ANPR recognizes license plates on moving or parked cars. It assists in real-time alerting and records and logs all number plates at a scene for forensic examination afterward. Ground zero users become more efficient in detecting the latest location of any vehicle of interest and tagging them as and when they are spotted in any CCTV camera with Automatic Number Plate Recognition. As a result, ANPR is an important technology for smart cities, manufacturing plants, and for law enforcement.

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Smart Parking Management

The smart parking solution of ANPR like JARVIS is transforming the whole parking industry by giving much-needed access to the occupants with real-time parking occupancy data making the whole process easy to control. ANPR, by tracking vehicles across numerous cameras or locations, makes it easier to control and manage private or public parking. Parking spaces can use ANPR to automate parking management by counting the number of vehicles. As a result, parking garage users are relieved of the hassle of managing tickets and keeping track of time spent, as well as the risk of penalties for incorrect ticket payments or issues from ticket loss. Video analytics ensures comprehensive governance by keeping track of every vehicle in the facility.

Traffic Violation Detection

ANPR can be utilized in cities to detect overspeeding automobiles, reckless driving, or any other incident. ANPR delivers traffic data measurement and analysis solutions for a specific area or a whole metropolis. On a bigger scale, traffic management provides for improved traffic planning by providing insights into traffic congestion. It identifies the journey time of vehicles which helps in planning a better route.

Blacklisted Vehicle Detection

A vehicle that is blacklisted can be automatically recognized and real-time alerts are sent so that further action can be taken immediately. ANPR can be employed for a variety of objectives, including determining whether a car is registered and identifying vehicles involved in traffic infractions. Law enforcement ANPR technology ensures that only permitted vehicles use parking spaces by detecting and recognizing number plates in real time.

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Integration with Boom Barrier for Automated Access Control

Seamless integration with boom barriers reduces dependency on manual operations of the barriers. It recognizes car license plates stored in a database and ensures entering of authorized vehicles only, and sends out an alert whenever unauthorized plates enter the facility. Hence, ANPR enables efficient toll booth management, decreasing the operational time needed and thus increasing productivity.

Well, ANPR isn’t just limited to reading the number plate of a vehicle, but it is beyond that. Video Analytics solutions like Staqu’s JARVIS also covers parking management, premise entry, vehicular access control, overspeeding detection, wrong way driving detection and more. The integration of video analytics ANPR with the parking ticketing system and an App based parking ticket payment coupled with payment gateways can also automate entry and exit regulations in parking management. This is a significant step toward creating an environmentally friendly, paperless smart parking system.